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Kaye Shinker

Kaye was born March 18, 1940 4:44 pm in Portsmouth, Ohio. She passed on November 18, 2011 at 3:00 pm in Mississippi while helping a friend with an estate sale. It was quick, wish she always wanted.
She attended the University of Illinois and graduated from Roosevelt University in Chicago, although she said her real education was from 18.5 years of owning a printing business with her husband in Chicago. They retired at age 55.  Three weeks later started a new business racing thoroughbred horses.
Kaye earned the NCGR Level IV Certification in Counseling and Education as well as the ISAR CAP Certification.  Kaye loved to talk about everyone's favorite subject - money - the marketplace, where to look for bargains and what to avoid.
Pardon the dust.....
We will be posting stories and pictures soon.
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