Kaye Shinker's
Financial Astrology

Kaye loved teaching, she loved astrology, she loved money, and she found a way to combine it with a passion. She wanted to share with others and help them succeed. She was kind and passionate with everyone she met and will be missed by many.
*Proceeds from the sales of her books will go to scholarships in her name, to help others to enjoy Astrology as much as she did. Thank you for visiting.

All books are available in e-book format only. For a hard copy contract us for special editions.

The Textbook For Financial Astrology Book 5, was Kaye's final book. We are excited to be able to offer you this "exclusive" opportunity to purchase it. The book features the following content: the Top 20 Stock Exchanges, Paper Currency, The Dollar vs. the Rest of the World's Currencies, Red Flags for Investors and Traders, Gold & Silver and Other Precious Metals, Credit Crisis: Banks and Currency, Sunspot Explosion, etc. The textbook also offers an important Handy Little Business Tip Guide as a check list of tasks to accomplish before you open your business!
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